ralph lauren socks Year of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas Special address given in the Havana Convention Centre

ralph lauren china Year of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas Special address given in the Havana Convention Centre

Special Address by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and president of the Councils of State and of Ministers, to party, state and government and Union of Young Communist leaders, representatives of grassroots and official organizations, officers and rank and file members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and from the Ministry of the Interior, and to relatives and surviving victims of the empire’s terrorist attacks on our country. April 15, 2005

” Year of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas”.

We have sung the anthem and there is no way we can forget that today marks another anniversary of that surprise attack by US government airplanes painted with Cuban insignia. We therefore think it is fitting to remind ourselves by watching a video of the events of those days which signalled the beginning of the imperialist, mercenary attack; imperialist and mercenary because the two things came in the same convoy, one behind the other, hoping to win a beachhead which lasted no time at all, a classic case of a snowball in hell.

That is why we are here today. We would have been here anyway. One way or another, the people would have fought and would have defeated the invaders, but much of our country would have been destroyed and would have perished in such a confrontation.

Yesterday, I reminded you of what happened in Guatemala with that type of invasion: 200,000 victims and a snake state that’s what I christened it yesterday that’s the name I gave it yesterday: snake states. There are more than a few of them in this hemisphere and in Europe too.

We shall watch this respectfully, and with thoughts of gratitude and homage to those who on this date, fighting, getting over the surprise straight away, made it possible for us to be here today. (Applause)

Yesterday we spoke of a strange theory, which emerged about 48 hours ago, that the story about Posada Carriles being in the United States was something the Cuban Intelligence had made up. That obliged me to demonstrate what really happened, how Posada Carriles got to the United States and who took him there, in great safety. Perhaps there are still some details to be revealed, but the main facts about Posada Carriles’ journey from the prison in Panama to Miami and after are there. So, we can draw some conclusions about the matter, and whether it were possible for the Cuban Intelligence to have made up this journey, that is, if they carried it out.

I have to go back to the early hours of August 26, 2004 when the former Panamanian chief of police, Carlos Su went to fetch the pardoned terrorists at the El Renacer prison.

“Luis Posada Carriles, Pedro Rem Rodr Guillermo Novo Sampoll and Gaspar Jim Escobedo went from the Panamanian capital to Tucumen airport where two executive jets that had been sent to Panama from Miami by that illustrious gentleman Santiago Alvarez Fern Magri were waiting for them”. I promised yesterday that I was going to talk about him and explain who he is.

“In the very early morning of that same day, the two planes took off with the terrorists and those who had come to get them on board.

“One of the planes, the one Posada and the US based terrorists Ernesto Abreu, Orlando Gonz and Miguel Alvarez were on, headed for the Ramon Villeda Morales airport in San Pedro de Sula, Honduras. It was met there by Cuban born arms dealer, Rafael Hern Nodarse, head of the anti Cuban terrorist apparatus in that country who lives in the aforementioned city”. He has sort of become the head of the Posada Carriles Interests Section in Honduras. This gentleman is over there, everyone knows who he is. They know everything over there and are good at hiding how much they know.

“Posada used a US passport in the name of Melvin Cloide Thompson to enter Honduras”. Yes, someone lost their passport over there, I don’t know where, I don’t know whether it was in Panama and it ended up in Posada Carriles’ hands.

“Honduran papers reported that Posada Carriles was in San Pedro Sula and that he had received help from Rafael Hern Nodarse.

“Later, Posada was moving around Central America using false documents.

“In recent months there has been talk in Miami terrorist circles about Posada’s obsessive, violent plans against our country and about the boost he thinks he will give them when he gets to the States”. Yesterday, we read what the “city developer”, the man who said putting bombs in hotels is not so evil said in Miami about Posada Carriles’ plans.

In mid March, we received some news that was published in a newspaper in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, Que Quintana Roo se entere (Let Quintano Roo hear about it), that’s what it’s called.

On March 14 last month, a month and a day ago, given that March has 31 days, that makes it 32 days ago this paper reported:

‘Shrimp boat runs aground on the El Farito reef’ there they even print it in English “Monday March 14, 2005 by Carlos Gasca, Que Quintana Roo se entere” that’s what the newspaper is called, Quintana Roo must have found out as of course, did those of those of us who read this paper.

And then there’s another little subheading, that’s it, this is a copy of the paper.

“By Carlos Gasca it says it again Que Quintana Roo se entere, Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo because the Islas Mujeres belong to that state, they are just off the coast of this southern part of Mexico, a tourist region. It puts the date, March 14 and reads:

“A craft of the shrimp boat type, which had sailed from Florida to the Islas Mujeres, was stranded for about six hours near the El Farito reef. The boat, flying an American flag, made a bad entry into the harbor and ran aground in a shallow area.

“Various attempts were made to refloat the heavy craft and after much effort it was finally pulled free, but then the Navy decide to search the foreign vessel” that’s what they call it called ‘Santrina'”. It’s about as saintly as those sailing on it.

“The problem began at about 7:45 when the vessel ‘Santrina’ ran aground in the harbor and, in spite of help from several private boats, remained stuck.

“Some vessels from the Seventh Naval Zone and from the National Fisheries Commission (Conapesca) arrived and, after refloating the boat, escorted it to the concrete traffic wharf where experts helped by dogs trained to detect drugs and divers made a detailed inspection of the vessel.

“To date, it is still not known if any sanction was imposed on the boat’s owner, but the harbormaster expects that this craft will not be going anywhere until the investigation is concluded.

“The Santrina had five crew members on board, including the captain, Jos Pujol who repeatedly refused to give the press any information about his reasons for entering the harbor. Nevertheless we did learn that there is an unusually large number of oxygen tanks on the boat, plus some compression equipment and a kind of hydraulic jack in the upper part”.

Well, the newspaper published this on March 14.

Another paper in Quintana Roo, which is called Por esto (That’s why,) this time on March 16, two days later, reported:
ralph lauren socks Year of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas Special address given in the Havana Convention Centre