ralph lauren big pony 3 La Dolfina Polo Ranch summarizes the passion for Polo

camisa polo ralph lauren original La Dolfina Polo Ranch summarizes the passion for Polo

He began to play when he was 16, and he started with his schoolmates. “It was the typical countryside polo style, where you rode whatever horse was available and you played in the smoothest playground you could find,” recalls Julio Ernesto Gutiérrez Conte, 36 years later. He is the head of Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 and one of the major business executives at both the national and the international level. In addition, he chairs Corporación América, a multinational holding owned by Argentine capitals engaged in business development in a wide range of sectors. However, his beginnings in polo were not promising. “The first tournament I played in my life was an Inter School Championship We did not even get any prize.” Yet, he always maintained his links with this sport, while he was building his sound professional career. “Horses have always been and will always be my passion. I have been raising them for many years now. Yet, I am always touched when I see them,” he admitted. “I got close contact with them when I was studying to be a Veterinarian. Now, I can feel them and perceive their huge effort when I play.”

Source: Revista Polo Today

By Julio Ernesto Gutiérrez Conte: “The explosive feeling at the beginning, the frenzy of the speed, and the inertia of the turns, make of polo an extreme sport.”

Polo Today: Being a competitive person, can you accept a defeat?

Julio Ernesto Gutiérrez Conte: I am hypercompetitive. I like to go out and win in every facet of my life. Yet, I do accept defeats. Fortunately, I have many defeats in my life. They push me to think, and they are my best teachers. And even though it may sound as a lie, I grow from them more than from my own successes in life.

Polo Today: Do you have any personal goal in the field of polo? I mean, do you plan to reach a certain number of goals for your handicap?

Julio Ernesto Gutiérrez Conte: My goal is to play the longest time possible. At this point in my life, I am no longer interested in increasing the number of goals, but in enjoying polo with friends and amid horses.

Polo Today: Do your children play?

Julio Ernesto Gutiérrez Conte: Fermín is the only one who plays. He is my eldest son. We always play together and we have a very good time.

Polo Today: Do you have your own club?

Julio Ernesto Gutierrez Conte: I always played in the countryside. Yet, some years ago, I came to think I could be close to horses and play more often. This is how I started playing in Luján, in a piece of land I own. This is how I created a Polo Club. Its name is “La Ensenada”: We do have two out of the three polo fields ready. Besides, the studs and the clubhouse are ready. The idea is to play with friends in a place that is just 20 minutes from my house whenever possible. For several years now, we have organized with AA2000 charity tournaments to help a number of entities, and this will be the place where we will organize them in the future.

Polo Today: What is it the new project you are developing with Adolfo Cambiaso?

Julio Ernesto Gutiérrez Conte: La Dolfina Polo Ranch is a real estate venture that summarizes passion for polo. It is featured by a unique international selection of owners. It is located in a unique scenario, and is merged with La Dolfina, in Cauelas. The venture has an area of 400 hectares divided into lots of 17 and 3 ha each. Taking into account the characteristics of the soil and its movement, the first lots are perfect to offer each owner at least his own polo field. There will be central facilities for the youngest. Besides, the complex will have warehouses, studs, and fields. Each will be designed under the concept of a stadium with capacity to accommodate the major cups and tournaments. It will also include a Clubhouse, with all the services and amenities that can be found in any with 5 star hotel.

Polo Today: How did you meet Cambiaso?

Julio Ernesto Gutiérrez Conte: A friend in common introduced me to Adolfito. He is also a star. He is David Nalbandian. What can I say about Cambiaso? As a polo player, he is what the entire world knows, and there is no question about that. He is the best. On a personal level, he is a very good person. He is very transparent and passionate. He shows his passion in everything he does and whatever he does is guided by the humbleness and simplicity typical of self confident persons. He is a Star with all the letters.
ralph lauren big pony 3 La Dolfina Polo Ranch summarizes the passion for Polo